Here are some of our favorites dive sites and links.

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By Boat
By Beach
SITE Description SITE Description
  • Isle of Shoals
Variety of sites, from seal dives to wall dives, very pretty. Very pretty shore dive in York, ME. Depths up to 60 feet.
  • Boone Island, ME
Seal Dive Old submarine lookout fort in Kittery, ME. Fee to get in and closes at dusk.
  Lots of fish and eel grass. Great place for a picnic too. Very shallow at low tide.
  • US Cost Guard Station/Hart's Cove, New Castle, NH
Go on 1B and follow the signs for the Coast Guard Station. Dive on the left side of the town pier.
  Good dive in New Castle
  Nice fresh water dive in Wolfboro
  Nice dive in Rye across from the submarine lookout tower.
  Next to Pulpit
  • Chester Polling
75 -100 ft.
Stern ½ of tanker, upright, & lovely.
Easy entry and exit with lots to see. Metered parking and bathrooms.
  • Nina T
80 - 100 ft.
Wooden fishing trawler intact upright
Horseshoe reef with sand in the middle. Good lobsters.
  • Haight
45 ft.
Great wreck, over 100’ of ship’s bow.
Very pretty dive with tough parking.
  • Chelsea
50-70 ft.
Bow ½ of tanker, somewhat intact
Very pretty dive with an entry that can be difficult in rougher seas..
  • Halfway Rock
0 - 100 ft.
Wall dive, lots of invertebrates
Deep dive from shore with a long, rocky incline to the water.
  • Paddock Rock
0 - 80 ft.
Pinnacle, dramatic drop offs, trenches
Southeasterly exposure, is a easy rocky or sandy entry. Depth 15 to 35+ feet. A reef is located to the right when facing the ocean.